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The Vermont Conservation Voters (VCV) serves as the non-partisan political voice of the state’s environmental community. VCV seeks to make environmental protection a top priority for elected officials, candidates and voters.

Vermonters can achieve the environmental and conservation goals they envision by electing politicians who share their goals. VCV is the only environmental organization that works directly to support pro-environment candidates for the Vermont House, Senate, and statewide offices including the Governor’s office. VCV turns Vermonters’ environmental values into state priorities.

VCV works side-by-side with your elected officials to help pass legislation to:

  • Promote a clean renewable energy future
  • Assure intelligent, forward-thinking economic growth that supports vibrant downtowns as well as Vermont’s famed working landscape
  • Protect Vermont’s air, water, wildlife and land for our children and grandchildren.

VCV does important work ensuring that your environmental values are prioritized in state government. We rely on donations from Vermonters who share these values. Please contribute today so we can be as effective as possible. Here is how: Contribute to VCV.