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Toxic Chemical Reform

PFAS and other toxic chemicals harm our bodies’ immune systems, cause diseases like cancer, and contaminate our environment. Last year, lawmakers unanimously enacted nation-leading legislation that banned PFAS and other chemicals from a range of consumer products.

This year, Vermont must build on this work by banning PFAS and other dangerous chemicals from personal care products — shampoos, lotions, cosmetics and other products that we rub, pour and sprinkle on our bodies each day. We should also ban the use of PFAS in artificial turf fields.

Legislators should also enact legislation to ensure corporate polluters pay for the harm they cause — rather than taxpayers or victims. By allowing Vermonters to access medical monitoring for diseases linked to toxic contamination, we can ensure people exposed to harmful chemicals can catch diseases as early as possible. The burden of paying for that medical care should be covered by the entity that caused the chemical exposure.

Further, lawmakers must provide strong oversight to ensure the Administration requires pre-treatment of PFAS-contaminated leachate before sending it to wastewater treatment facilities; explores better ways to handle PFAS-contaminated sludge; and prioritizes public health in how they regulate PFAS chemicals in Vermonters’ drinking water and surface waters.

2022 Legislative Priorities