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VCV Environmental Scorecard

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Since 1982, VCV has been keeping track of lawmakers’ votes on priority environmental issues.

After each biennium of the Vermont Legislature, VCV publishes a legislative scorecard to highlight legislators’ voting records on issues that impact the environment. These scorecards help provide voters with a clear record of who supports the environment, and who doesn’t. The scorecard can then help voters who care about the environment decide who they will vote for.

VCV’s scorecard is the single most effective tool available to determine the true extent to which a candidate for office is committed to “green” public policy.

In recent years, VCV has scored votes on clean energy, water quality, toxic chemicals, and working lands investments, among others.

VCV encourages voters to get in touch with their elected representatives to talk with them about these scorecard votes. Vermont’s citizen legislature works best when voters hold their legislators accountable.

Download a copy of the 2015 Interim Environmental Scorecard.

Download a copy of the 2013-2014 scorecard.

Download a copy of the 2011-2012 scorecard.

Download a copy of the 2009-2010 scorecard.

Download a copy of the 2007-2008 scorecard.